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Ideas to make your kitchen more functional and organized

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen completely or just trying to organize your existing one, these tips will help you create a user-friendly space that’s tidy and looks great!

Start off by looking for dead spaces or spots that don’t have easy access and consider buying cabinet organization accessories like lazy susans and base blind organizers. This way you can really use those spaces to store everyday items and not only accumulate things you don’t ever use! Pull out baskets and drawer organizers are also great to make the most out of storage spaces and to find everything more easily.

Vertical wall storage can hold more things you imagine. They are customizable and provide a fun look if you really keep it organized. The options are endless!

Add lighting to your drawers and under the wall cabinets. Not only they look amazing, it helps you find items that are in dark spots.

If you have any wall space available, consider adding some shelves not only to decorate the room, but also to have easy access to items.

After adding the most new storage spaces possible, work on clearing the countertops. Put away or hide small appliances, this will give you more working space and provide a much more organized look.

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